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Watch out for Cuban phone card scams.

If you're calling someone in Cuba, beware of this phone card fraud. My phone call never actually made it to Cuba. The fraudsters make money because the last carrier simply pretends that it connected to Cuba when it actually connected me to the audiobook recording.---Sarah Zhang...

Cuba on Track for 10,000 Politically-Motivated Arrests by End of Year

14 y medio, an independent Cuban publication, quotes a statement from the CCDHRN warning that Fidel Castro’s death will do little to improve the situation for dissidents in Cuba. “The death of Fidel Castro, chief architect of the totalitarian form of government imposed on Cuba for almost 60 years, will not give way to reforms to improve the awful civil and political rights situation on the island,” the organization said in a statement. “The repression against peaceful dissidents and against all society will increase, barring a miracle.”...

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Paladar Havana Cuba, Black Friday, 2016

Te fuiste sin pagar, bribón, no le dejaste propina al pobre mesero (médico en busca de dólares) ni al dueño del paladar (un sociolisto de los tuyos). Y ahora, ¿quién va a pagar los platos rotos? porque de paso lo rompiste todo. Hasta la azucarera la dejaste vacía, cuando Cuba era la azucarera del mundo....

How is “normalization” going?

It is sad that when President Obama made his “historic” visit to Cuba earlier this year, he refused to meet with the Ladies in White. And when Mrs. Biden, the wife of our vice president, was in Cuba last month, she too stuck to a schedule prepared for her by the regime that included no outside contacts....


History of Cuba: A Chronology of Key Events, 1940-2011


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An Epic Journey


In October 1965, President Lyndon Johnson stated that the spirit of America held tradition as an asylum for the oppressed, and he pledged ‘to the people of Cuba that those who seek refuge here will find it’…

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