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Danzon Cubano bringing taste of Cuba to Grand Rapids

Inside, customers will find a menu complete with four types of Cuban sandwiches, stews and soups, yuca fries, Cuban paella, and entrees such as "Picadillo a la Cubana," which features traditional Cuban beef hash in a white wine tomato sauce served with white rice and sweet plantains....

New Box Set Captures The Golden Age of Afro-Cuban Music

"[Fidel Castro] nationalized the recording industry, and the bureaucrats [took] over, right? And the freewheeling Bohemian scene suffered a little bit because the government felt there was a reflection of the decadence of the United States." ...

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Looking Back: A splendid little war?

For our country, the catalyst for our involvement in the Spanish-American War came on Feb. 15, 1898 when an explosion sank the American battleship USS Maine in the harbor at Havana, Cuba, killing 266 men....


History of Cuba: A Chronology of Key Events, 1940-2011


Cuba 1958:

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Cuban-American Community:

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The Cuban Diaspora:

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An Epic Journey


In October 1965, President Lyndon Johnson stated that the spirit of America held tradition as an asylum for the oppressed, and he pledged ‘to the people of Cuba that those who seek refuge here will find it’…

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