Links of Interest about the Cuban American Community at large. 

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As the Latin Grammys Turn 20, the U.S. Is Livin' La Vida Loca | Muse by Clio

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Jorge Plasencia, FACE Board member, wrote this article on Latin music for Muse by Clio

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FIU Installs La Ventanita to capture the unique experience that is our community...

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FIU is building La Ventanita at the major entrance to the busiest building on campus to show how deep they are willing to go at FIU "to capture the unique experience that is our community and our Miami! "


Che Guevara Portrayed As “Heroic Guerrilla” at
Duke University Museum Exhibition

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Key Facts Prepared by Aida Levitan, Ph.D., Chair of FACE.  FACE (Facts About Cuban Exiles) and other organizations have protested Duke University Nasher Museum Exhibition in which a Che Guevara portrait is entitled “Day of Heroic Guerrilla.” click here to get the facts



ICCAS serves as the center of academic work, research and discussion on Cuban and Cuban-American topics.



A project of the Institute for Cuban & Cuban American Studies. 



An organization headed by our Chairwoman, Dr. Aida Levitan Ph.d., creating greater understanding of Hispanic culture by familiarizing local residents and visitors with artists, organizations and activities that are representative of Hispanic art and culture.


Honoring the founding women of the Cuban Heritage Collection

Keeping track of everything Cuban was the mission established by UM Cuban-American librarian Rosa M. Abella, who together with fellow librarians Ana Rosa Núñez, Esperanza Bravo de Varona, Lesbia Orta Varona and Gómez-Rossie, were the visionaries who created what is now the Cuban Heritage Collection, which was formally established in 1998. Abella and Núñez are both deceased.


National Association of Cuban American Educators/Asociación de Educadores Cubano-Americanos

NACAE organizes educational programs, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, etc., which take place monthly to highlight our historical roots and promote the ethical, artistic and cultural values ​​of Cubans and Cuban-Americans. 

Facts About Cuban Exiles

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