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How a Cuban Exile Revolutionized Coca-Cola: Roberto Goizueta

Many Cuban exiles found remarkable success in the United States, and Roberto Goizueta was a shining example. He escaped Fidel Castro's regime with little more than his education and ambition, eventually transforming Coca-Cola into a global powerhouse. Born in Havana, Cuba, Goizueta attended prestigious schools - Jesuit Colegio de Belén (Cuba), Cheshire Academy (Connecticut), and Yale University (with a chemical engineering degree) - before working in the family business.

In 1959, Roberto fled Cuba with his wife and three children, relocating the family to the United States.

"Roberto would often reflect that he had come to the United States with only three things: his education, his integrity, and a job with The Coca-Cola Company."

His intelligence and dedication propelled him through the company. He became CEO in 1981. Goizueta massively increased the value of Coca-Cola, expanded its global reach, and turned it into one of the world's most recognizable brands.

Roberto Goizueta's story embodies the resilience and potential of Cuban exiles. His business impact and commitment to the community (via The Goizueta Foundation) continue to leave a lasting legacy.


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