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Empowering Justice: The Journey of Prominent Cuban American Woman, Judge Cristina Pereyra-Alvarez

Cristina Pereyra-Alvarez is a distinguished retired Judge from the 11th Judicial Circuit. Her journey in law commenced with a law degree from the prestigious Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City, followed by another degree from the University of Miami School of Law upon her return to the United States. Following a successful tenure as an assistant public defender in the 11th Judicial Circuit, she ascended to the role of Miami-Dade County Court Judge, later earning appointment as a Circuit Court Judge in 2005 by former Governor Jeb Bush.

Cuban American woman judge

In 2007, Mrs. Pereyra-Alvarez embarked on a new chapter, retiring from the bench to pioneer as a presiding judge on the groundbreaking national Spanish language court reality program, "Veredicto Final" (Final Verdict). Her passion for legal advocacy and communication led her to become Univision's in-house legal correspondent in 2011. Throughout her illustrious career, she has actively contributed to various professional organizations, including serving on the Board of Directors for the United Way, Miami Chapter, chairing the Florida Supreme Court Interpreter Certification Board, and holding faculty positions at esteemed institutions like the College of Advanced Judicial Studies. Notably, she served as a Director for the Cuban-American Bar Association (CABA), further highlighting her deep commitment to the Cuban-American community and her dedication to advancing legal excellence and accessibility within it.


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