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Miami thought this guayabera shop was another victim of the pandemic, but it’s back

By Sarah Moreno originally published by Miami Herald (click here to see the full interview)

There are businesses that are such a part of Calle Ocho’s landscape that if something threatens them, Miamians feel like the ground is moving. In July of last year, La Casa de las Guayaberas — the store that Ramón Puig turned into an emporium of that very Cuban garment — announced it was closing due to the pandemic and many feared the loss of a business that serves as testament to the enterprising spirit of that first generation of Cubans to arrive in the 1960s.

But his son Louis Puig was not going to waste a lifetime of effort by the King of Guayaberas, who triumphed twice — first in Cuba and then in the United States.


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