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Marlene Urbay

The Florida Chamber Orchestra (FCO) was founded in 1995 by the prominent conductor Marlene Urbay, descendant of a family of musicians. Their repertoire ranged from the baroque and classical to Gershwin, Lecuona, and most representative composer of Europe and Latin America. Since its founding the FCO has successfully toured countless concert halls, and has participated in music festivals and ballet performances.

Marlene Urbay - Facts About Cuban Exiles
Marlene Urbay, founder of Florida Chamber Orchestra

Excerpt from the book Cubans: An Epic Journey, the Struggle of Exiles for Truth and Freedom p. 440 published by Facts About Cuban Exiles by Sam Verdeja and Guillermo Martínez. English and Spanish editions are available in hard and paper back at

FLORIDA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA by Eloy Cepero and Sonia Frías


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