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Former President George W. Bush includes Armando Codina in latest book

FACE, Facts About Cuban Exiles, is proud to share with you that our founding Executive Committee member Armando Codina has been included in the book From Many, One: Portraits of America’s Immigrants by George W. Bush. The title comes from the U.S. motto “E pluribus unum,” which was placed in the Great Seal of the United States by an Act of Congress in 1782.

Knowing Armando well, Mr. Bush dedicated five pages of the book to the history and story of Armando Codina, who rose from an unaccompanied minor arriving in the U.S. in Operation Pedro Pan to a great businessman, innovator, entrepreneur, real estate developer, philanthropist and community leader, all the while engaging as a concerned citizen and patriot in the land that welcomed him, as well as it regards to the island he was forced to leave.

The book highlights the achievements and contributions of 43 immigrants from every continent and background. To be in such a select group is a great honor paid to Armando Codina, but also as well as to all Cuban Americans that followed his trail-blazing steps. In its pages President Bush also gives homage to other prominent Cubans such as ambassadors Mel Martínez, Hugo Llorens, and Eduardo Aguirre, all of which have brought honor and prestige to our Cuban American community.

Congratulation Armando, on this so-well-deserved recognition.


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