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Una lista de enlaces de interés sobre la comunidad cubano-americana en general.

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Miami Woman Crafts La Marielita Rum to Pay Homage to Her Cuban Roots

Click on the photo for the full story from Miami New Times

When Miami resident Janet Diaz-Bonilla began interviewing family members about her family roots in Cuba for a screenplay she was penning, she never thought it would take her down the road to crafting rum.

Articulate mover: The genre-crossing dancer Gaby Diaz whose latest project is Justin Peck’

A Swiss Army Knife of a Dancer, Making a Virtue of Versatility

Click on the photo for the full story from NY Times

Diaz, who is Cuban American, grew up in Miami with “a lot of salsa music playing in the house,” she said. She found her musical outlet in dance, studying a range of techniques at the Roxy Theater Group and New World School of the Arts, performing in Miami City Ballet’s “Nutcracker” and participating in jazz dance competitions.


Cuban Grandmother Wins Her First Latin Grammy at the Age of 95

Click on the photo for the full story from NBC 4 New York

The best new artist of 2022 is a Cuban American grandmother living out her dream of being a professional musician at the age of 95. 

Chugs Dry Tortugas.jpg

The Meaning of the Chug
Click on the photo for the full story from National Parks Conservation Association

For years, abandoned Cuban refugee boats were considered trash. Now the Park Service and others are preserving the chugs and their stories.


César Pizarro: "Mi familia acertó al ver lo que sobrevenía"
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César Pizarro arribó con 16 años a Miami en 1961. Procedía de una familia de clase media, en la que nunca faltó un plato de comida. Cuba hasta antes del fallido sistema de gobierno implantado en 1959 era un país próspero, cuya moneda en algún momento alcanzó un valor superior al del dólar.


How Cuban is Cuban Bread?
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A feature on by Ashley Rodriguez. "My grandparents buy extra bread if they know I’m coming to visit, usually stashing the extra loaf on top of their fridge, a throwback to childhood when they’d have to hide bread to keep me from polishing off the entire loaf in one sitting."

Jose Kozer Cuban Poet FACE.png

Cuban Heritage Collection acquires works of prolific poet
Click on the photo to read the full article and feature from UM News.

UM News – Cuban-Jewish poet Jose Kozer composes a poem in his native language, Spanish.  His prolific body of work now includes 14,150 poems and more than 103 books of poetry that have been translated into multiple languages. He is revered in Latin America and Spain where his work has been produced by the top publishing houses and where he is admired and touted as a neo-baroque poet.

freedom tower hispanic heritage cbs 4.png

Hispanic Heritage Month: Freedom Tower In Downtown Miami Still Stands As A Beacon Of Freedom   
Click on the photo to read the full article and feature on CBS 4.

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – “The Freedom Tower became that symbol of America as a welcoming place where you as a refuge flee communism, political persecution, you could find a path forward,” said Natalia Crujeiras, Executive Director of Cultural Affairs at Miami Dade College.

MIami Proud on CBS American MCD on FACE

Miami Proud: The American Museum Of The Cuban Diaspora Shares The History Of Those Who Left       
Click on the photo to read the full article and feature on CBS 4.

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora opened its doors in 2016 in Miami, and shares the history and culture of the Cuban people who have left the country.

Antonio Wong "Cuban-Chines"

“Cuban-Chinese” Is Not an Oxymoron

       Click on the photo to read the full article in The Cuban Chronicles.

Shedding Light on a Little-Known Era of Cuban History.  A living, breathing paradox, Antonio may look Chinese; but he speaks Spanish exactly like my abuelo — in addition to English and Cantonese. But how did Antonio and the Cuban-Chinese people come to be?


Love or Spycraft: What Landed an American Teacher in a Cuban Prison?

       Click on the photo to read the full article in Conde Nast.

It was a romance steeped in international intrigue, and it landed Alina López Miyares in a Cuban prison. How much did she know about the web that entangled her?


In Miami, a Revered Cuban Bartending Tradition Lives On

       Click on the photo to read the full article in Conde Nast.

Julio Cabrera's Café La Trova is a bastion of the island's bartending tradition. 


As the Latin Grammys Turn 20, the U.S. Is Livin' La Vida Loca | Muse by Clio

       Click on the photo to read Jorge's article. 

Jorge Plasencia, FACE Board member, wrote this article on Latin music for Muse by Clio

La ventanit.jpg


ICCAS sirve como centro de trabajo académico, investigación y discusión sobre temas cubanos y cubano americanos.


Che Guevara Portrayed As “Heroic Guerrilla” at
Duke University Museum Exhibition

       Click on the photo to read our letter to Duke University

Key Facts Prepared by Aida Levitan, Ph.D., Chair of FACE.  FACE (Facts About Cuban Exiles) and other organizations have protested Duke University Nasher Museum Exhibition in which a Che Guevara portrait is entitled “Day of Heroic Guerrilla.” click here to get the facts



ICCAS serves as the center of academic work, research and discussion on Cuban and Cuban-American topics.



Un proyecto del Instituto de Estudios Cubanos y Cubano Americanos.



Una organización dirigida por nuestra Presidenta, la Dra. Aida Levitan, Ph.D, que crea una mayor comprensión de la cultura hispana al familiarizar a los residentes y visitantes locales con artistas, organizaciones y actividades que representan el arte y la cultura hispana.


Homenaje a las mujeres fundadoras de la Colección del Patrimonio Cubano.

Seguir la pista de todo lo cubano fue la misión establecida por la bibliotecaria cubano americana de la UM, Rosa M. Abella, quienes junto con sus colegas bibliotecarias Ana Rosa Núñez, Esperanza Bravo de Varona, Lesbia Orta Varona y Gómez-Rossie, fueron los visionarios que crearon lo que es ahora. La Colección del Patrimonio Cubano, que se estableció formalmente en 1998. Abella y Núñez han fallecido.


National Association of Cuban American Educators/Asociación de Educadores Cubano-Americanos

NACAE organiza programas educativos, conferencias, exposiciones, conciertos, etc., que ocurren mensualmente para destacar nuestras raíces históricas y promover los valores éticos, artísticos y culturales de cubanos y cubano americanos.

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