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What is FACE?

FACE is a non-profit organization created in 1982 to promote, foster and improve the reputation and image of those persons of Cuban origin and their descendants in the United States and the world who have sought refuge outside of Cuba due to the existing political conditions. FACE also combats all forms of bigotry and discrimination.

Among our goals are:

To highlight the accomplishments of Cuban Americans in all fields of endeavor to serve as role models for our upcoming generations with our Awards and Round Tables and through the website.

  • To provide facts to the media and opinion leaders to encourage a fair and balanced coverage of Cuban exiles and Cuban Americans. FACE also responds to biased or erroneous news stories through Letters to the Editor and Press Releases in English and Spanish.

  • To divulge the true history of Cuba as this is of the utmost importance to Cuban exile newcomers and Cuban Americans, FACE publishes books such as Cubans: An Epic Journey, Cubanos: Un Viaje épico and is currently working on a Chronology about Cuban and Cuban-American history.

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