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‘Liberating her art’: NFTs will be minted to protect the work of Cuba’s Amelia Peláez - Miami Herald

Amelia Peláez Del Casal is known as the Frida Kahlo of Cuba. Her paintings — and the very home she occupied — helped define a generation of Cuban artists that saw their heyday coincide with the rise of the Castro-led regime. That regime ultimately confiscated much of their work. As a result, works by Peláez — often referred to simply as “Amelias” — have been the subject of numerous forgeries and unofficial composites over the years. She died in 1968.

Now, the Miami-based Amelia Peláez Foundation, headed by her descendant and Miami-based playwright, actor, and filmmaker Carmen Peláez, is launching a series of NFTs. These digital non-fungible tokens certify proof of ownership. The goal, Peláez says, is “liberating” the art of Amelia Peláez from the Cuban government.

“I find it obscene that this authoritarian regime has for 62 years controlled art that was never theirs to begin with,” Peláez said.

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