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FACE Announces 2022-2023 New Chairman, Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón

MIAMI (July 1, 2022)—FACE Chair Eduardo J. García is pleased to announce that on

July 1, 2022 Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón will take over as Chairman of our organization.

“We are very pleased that Dr. Padrón, a long-time member of FACE, will assume this responsibility. I am sure that as the great civic leader he will guide us to great success, as he has done with every project he has ever been involved in.” –Eduardo J. García, Chairman


EDUARDO J. PADRÓN, PH.D. PRESIDENT EMERITUS, MIAMI DADE COLLEGE arrived in the U.S. as a refugee in 1961. He served as MDC President for almost 25 years elevating it into a position of national prominence. He has a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Florida and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. In 2016, President Obama awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 2020 the Florida Council of 100 awarded him the 2020 Grand Floridian Prize. In 2009, TIME magazine included him as one of The 10 Best College Presidents. In 2010, Florida Trend magazine placed him on the cover of its Floridian of the Year issue. In 2011, The Washington Post named him one of the eight most influential college presidents in the U.S. He won the 2011 Carnegie Corp. Centennial Academic Leadership Award and in 2012 he won the Citizen Service Award from Voices for National Service, the TIAA Hesburgh Award for Leadership Excellence, and the Aspen Institute Ascend Fellowship. In 2015, he was inducted into the U.S. News & World Report STEM Hall of Fame and received the Harry Truman Award from the American Association of Community Colleges. He was chair of the board of the American Council on Education and of the board of the Association of American Colleges and Universities and of the Business Higher Education Forum. He served on posts of national prominence by five U.S. presidents and has been recognized by many nations such as: France’s, Ordre des Palmes Académiques; Argentina’s Order of San Martín; Spain’s Order of Queen Isabella and the Juan Ponce de León 500th Anniversary award; Morocco appointed him Honorary Consul in Florida and Poland designated Amicus Poloniae. His work is hailed as a model of innovation in higher education in student access, retention, graduation, and achievement. MDC enrolls and graduates more Hispanics and African-Americans than any college in the U.S.

He has served on such national commissions as the Aspen Institute, Council on Foreign Relations, Woodrow Wilson Foundation, Knight Foundation, Ford Foundation, Mellon Foundation, Century Foundation, National Science Foundation, National Governors Association, American Bar Association, Lumina Foundation, and others. He currently serves on the boards of the Council on Foreign Relations; Urban Institute; Spencer Foundation; Education Trust; ACT; College Promise (Chair); National Commission on Inclusive Capitalism; Dream.US; Concordia Leadership Council; Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream and World Strategic Forum (Chair). In the past he has held leadership positions on the boards of the Federal Reserve Board of Atlanta, Miami Branch (past Chair); the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; Achieving the Dream; Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities (Chair); the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; the White House Commission on Educational Excellence; Campus Compact; Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute; The College Board; and the White House/Congressional Commission of the National Museum of the American Latino. He is the recipient of numerous honorary doctorates and prestigious awards and is a prolific writer with several publications and articles to his credit.

Facts About Cuban Exiles (FACE) was founded in 1982 to defend the reputation of Cuban exiles and Cuban Americans. FACE includes many prominent civic and community leaders who represent a cross-section of the Cuban diaspora in Miami. Its mission is to promote, foster and improve the reputation and image of people of Cuban origin who have sought refuge outside of Cuba due to the existing political conditions, as well as that of their descendants. FACE also endeavors to promote good will towards Cuban Americans and to develop greater understanding and cooperation with other groups in the Miami community. FACE has encouraged fair and balanced media coverage and has responded to biased or erroneous reports. It has published two editions of Cubans: An Epic Journey in English and one in Spanish and regularly publishes information concerning Cuban exiles and Cuban Americans on its website Follow us on Twitter, and Instagram



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