The Cuban regime is feeling the heat

02 Sep The Cuban regime is feeling the heat


by Frank Rodríguez

The leftist coalition of Latin American regimes known as ALBA has recently suffered a series of serious setbacks from two supporting states, Argentina and Brazil. In Argentina new President Macri has opposed Venezuela’s presidency of Mercosur and now that Dilma Rouseff has been ousted from power in Brazil, its new President Michel Temer has proposed to pay Cuban doctors in Brazil directly and not through the Cuban regime, which takes 92% of their salaries. It is very likely that Cuba will no longer be able to count on Brazil as an ally, and all backroom deals made by Odebrech while constructing the Port of Mariel in Cuba will soon be known. And as the political and economical crisis deepens in Venezuela, Cuba will not be able to count on petro-dollars at the rate the Venezuelans were gifting them to the regime.

Only Obama’s tourist-dollars offer any hope of short-term income to the Castro family.

Modesto Arocha
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