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Castro-run Cuba compared to Cleric-run Iran

Iranians vote enthusiastically in elections with real candidates, and platforms with varying foreign and domestic policy proposals. Cubans, meanwhile, reluctantly go through the motions of "voting", without choosing anything or anybody. ...

Cubans become the road warriors of D.C. diplomatic corps

“While Raúl Castro’s ‘diplomat’ is wined and dined at an American university where he will engage in an exercise of communist disinformation, no American diplomat is scheduled to speak at Cuban universities on U.S.-Cuba relations and President Trump’s foreign policy.”--Frank Calzon, Center for a Free...

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The alliance between Spanish colonialism and the Castroist leadership

Even today, groups on the Spanish "left" who admire Castroism's anti-American attitudes as "anti-imperialist" forget this historical background, and fail to perceive the colonial and neocolonial nature of Spain's policies toward Cuba; between their nationalism and neo-Stalinism, they end up identifying with the Cuban rulers....

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The North Korea-Cuba Connection

Trade in civilian goods between Cuba and North Korea appears to be on the upswing, and trade in illicit arms continues to be the most symbolically potent and controversial form of bilateral trade between the two Cold War allies. ...

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Castroism unable to explain the censure of ‘chavismo’

This April marks 148 years since Cuban independence fighters convened in the Camagüey town of Guáimaro to draft the first Constitution of the Republic in Arms, a magna carta that established the division of powers as one of the basic mechanisms of government ...

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