Guava pastelito beer is a real thing and it may be the Most Miami Beer

This beer goes well with fried yucca patties, papas rellenas, and shrimp empanadas.

17 May Guava pastelito beer is a real thing and it may be the Most Miami Beer

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By Carlos Frías –


How about a tall glass of guava pastelito?

The Oakland Park brewery that created a beer called Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, which tastes like a pancake breakfast with a side of bacon, has created possibly the Most Miami Beer Ever: Guava Libre!, a beer that tastes like a pastelito de guayaba.

Funky Buddha Brewery, started by a pair of Boca Raton-raised brothers who grew up pounding pastelitos, collaborated on this cream ale with a well-regarded California brewery, The Bruery, which also creates culinary-inspired brews.

What does it taste like? Given Funky Buddha’s track record making beers that taste remarkably like blueberry cobbler and French toast, count on Guava Libre! tasting like the tropical-sweet pastry. They used vanilla and guava in the brew, as well as lactose to give the beer a creamy texture.

They even offer pairings on the bottle. “Perfect with: fried yucca patties, papas rellenas, shrimp empanadas, a Cuban guava pastry. Starting a small
business in an unassuming location off a highway.”

“We tried to make it as close to a pastelito as we could,” said John Linn, the brewery’s brand manager. “This was a really fun one to do.”

There was one hitch: The brewers from the Bruery had never tasted a pastelito. (Gasp!) So the Funky Buddha team scoured Google to find a bakery near Placentia, Calif., and the west coasters took a 30-minute road trip to Los Angeles to find some.

Californians got the first taste, since Funky Buddha owner/head brewer Ryan Sentz flew there to brew Guava Libre! at the Bruery, where it was available to their beer club members. Miamians will first get to taste it May 27, on draft at Funky Buddha during a special event, where they will also pour other Bruery beers.

Bottled versions of Guava Libre! will arrive in stores in Miami in early June.



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