Five Cuban Exiles and Five American Exiles

06 Sep Five Cuban Exiles and Five American Exiles

by Frank Rodríguez 9/6/16

Millions of Cuban exiles found a new home in the U.S. after the Castros took over Cuba in 1959. A few, trained by the Cuban regime, have gotten into the lucrative Medicare fraud trade, and then, when found out, escape to Cuba where they are living the life of Riley. See Sun Sentinel, “Plundering America: The Cuban Criminal Pipeline”, January 8, 2015 by Sally Kestin, Megan O’Matz and John Maines with Tracey Eaton in Cuba as follows:

U.S. policy created for humanitarian reasons 50 years ago has fueled a criminal pipeline from Cuba to Florida, enabling crooks from the island to rob American businesses and taxpayers of more than $2 billion over two decades. A yearlong Sun Sentinel investigation found money stolen in the United States streaming back to Cuba, and a revolving door that allows thieves to come here, make a quick buck and return. Cuba has become a bedroom community for criminals who exploit America’s good will.

I would like to compare and contrast five infamous Cuban “exiles” to five infamous American “exiles”. Five Cubans were convicted of spying against the U.S. in Operation Wasp and were traded by President Obama for U.S. A.I.D., contractor Alan Gross, sentenced to 15 years for distributing cell phones and computers to the Jewish community in Cuba.

• Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González and René González. In addition to spying U.S. military bases they were implicated in providing intelligence to Cuba that led to the downing of two U.S. airplanes over the Florida Straits causing the death of four members of Brothers to the Rescue looking to save refugees on rafts.

Meanwhile, according to an ABC News report by Meghan Keneally, 12/19/16, back in Cuba, several terrorists are enjoying life under the sun, among them:
• Joanne Chesimard, from the Black Liberation Army, killed N.J. trooper Werner Foerter but escaped from prison.
• Guillermo Morales, a Puerto Rican bomb maker killed 4 and injured 60 and later killed another one, both in New York. He escaped from Belleview Hospital and later fled from Mexico to Cuba.
• Víctor Manuel Gerena robbed a security company of $7 mi. while injecting two employees with an unknown substance.
• Charlie Hill, killed a New Mexico trooper and then hijacked a U.S. plane.
• Ishmael LaBeet murdered 8 in the Virgin Islands before hijacking a plane to Cuba.
Recently President Obama exchanged five Islamic terrorists for one American soldier now facing court martial for desertion, just like five Cuban spies for one innocent man. 5 to 1 and again 5 to 1.
President Obama, could at least make it 5 for 5 next time when handing out pardons as he leaves the White House. Raúl Castro is going to want cash, like Iran did. But Obama should insist on extraditing these five criminals in exchange for the freedom of five political prisoners.

Modesto Arocha
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