Cuban Exile Collection: The Cuban Heritage Collection at University of Miami

The Cuban Exile Collection (CEC) is a repository of material on Cuban exiles and Cuban-Americans.

24 Sep Cuban Exile Collection: The Cuban Heritage Collection at University of Miami


Media: Part 1 – Approximately 600 reels 35mm Part 2 – Approximately 107 reels 35mm reels Part 3 – Approximately 268 reels 35mm reels

Coverage Dates: 1959 – present
Sources Covered: Over 500

“The Cuban Heritage Collection provides research and archival materials on the history and socio-economic conditions of the island of Cuba.  Also, it offers a look into the Cuban exile community’s experience of almost 50 years of diaspora as result of Fidel Castro’s Communist regime.  These invaluable materials can serve as the foundation for insightful writing and research on Cuba.”

Esperanza B. de Varona, Esperanza Bravo de Varona Chair, Cuban Heritage Collection
University of Miami Libraries

The Cuban Exile Collection (CEC) is a repository of material on Cuban exiles and Cuban-Americans. Through newspapers, magazines and newsletters, the collection deals with their impact on the growth and development of many parts of the United States. Unavailable in any other medium, the CEC spans 40+ years of the historical Cuban Diaspora.

Part One: Los Boletines de los Municipios de Cuba en Exilie ( Cuban Exile Newsletters)

Part one of the Cuban Exile Collection features four decades worth of rare titles, most of which are unavailable elsewhere. These newsletters offer an insightful first-hand chronicle of everyday life in the Cuban Exile Community. They are also a wonderful source of genealogical information, not only for the Cuban contingent of the growing Hispanic population, but for anyone interested in Cuban Heritage. In the newsletters you will find information on:

  • Cuban history, literature and memories
  • Arrival information
  • Political commentary on U.S., Cuban, Latin American and European politics

The following is a sample list of titles available in Phase One of the CEC:

  • El Undoso, Sept. 1971-Feb. 2003; 6 reels
  • El Fortin, Jan 1982-Dec 2003; 9 reels
  • El Bayames, June 1976-Mar. 1971; 2 reels
  • Municipio de Guamacaro, Dec. 1977-May 2002; 1 reel
  • Tanamo, Feb. 1975-Feb. 2004; 2 reels
  • El Rosareno, Sept. 1971-Dec. 1982; 1 reel
  • La Voz de Santa Maria Del Rosario, June 1973-Apr.1979; 1 reel

For more information about the Newsletters subset of the Cuban Exile Collection, click here.

Part Two: Newspapers

Available Now!  The Newspapers subset, spanning the years 1959 to 2005, contains 150 titles selected from the 1,000 newspapers from  the Cuban Heritage Collection, at the University of Miami .  Cuban exile communities from around the world, located in places as diverse as Luxembourg, Mexico and New Jersey, published these papers to keep readers informed of political and societal changes related to Cuba as well as the rest of the world.   The Newspapers subset includes 107 reels of 35mm microfilm (as of the fall of 2006).
Here are a few newspapers from Part 2 (dates of coverage vary):

  • Continental  (NY/NJ)
  • El Imparcial  (Miami)
  • Libertad news (Miami)
  • El Clarin (NY/NJ)
  • El Clarin Latino (Miami)

Part Three: Magazines

Available now! Nearly 400 titles ranging from 1960 to 2005, and covering a broad range of topics:  political, literary, sociological and women’s issues.  These publications are all edited and published by Cuban Exiles from around the world.   They present a picture of the cultural and intellectual life of this active exile community   Most magazines are published in Florida, but a wide range of other places of publication demonstrates how the Cuban Exile community has had far-reaching influence – locations include:   Sweden, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and other US states such as New York, California, and more.  The Magazine subset is comprised of 268 reels of 35mm microfilm (as of fall 2006).
Here are a few sample titles from Part Three: Magazines (dates of coverage vary):

  • Alerta (Miami)
  • Bohemia Libre / Bohemia (Caracus, Venenzuela)
  • La Hoja de Combate (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Areito  (New York, NY)
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