Prominent Cubans

Felipe Valls

Exile restauranteur par excellence, founder of Café Versailles, epicenter of Cuban Miami on Calle 8...

Gus Machado

Preeminent Hialeah & Kendall Ford dealer & prominent member of US-Cuba Democracy P.A.C....

MIAMI - MARCH 25: People show their support for Cuba's Las Damas de Blanco on March 25, 2010 in Miami, Florida. In Cuba last week the Las Damas de Blanco, Ladies in White, who are peaceful dissidents, were attacked by government security forces in Havana.   Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP
Ladies in White—Damas de Blanco

These women dress in white began to protest after mass at Santa Rita in Miramar demanding the freedom of their men unjustly condemned to long prison sentencers. The group has seen the regime alter its strategies to stymy their activities. They are routinely besieged, physically...


Trend-setting top-tier frenetical Cuban singer, among first to seek refuge in U.S. after the Castro takeover....

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