maduro crime2
Nicolás Maduro accused of crimes against humanity

Nicolás Maduro has faced widespread international criticism and both the US and the EU have imposed fresh sanctions on the country. More than 120 people died in clashes this summer between protesters seeking to force Mr Maduro to quit and government security forces....

cuba medical2
The Business of Solidarity

A two-fold blackmail grips Cuban medical workers sent abroad: 1) the precarious conditions of life in Cuba, and 2) potential reprisals like being barred from returning to Cuba if they fail to follow the regime's orders....

otero arrest2
Regime forces arrest artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara

Prior to his arrest, Otero Alcántara said the purpose of his dissident museum was "to support the development of Cuban culture, as the country is experiencing a strong crisis of faith, an increase in banality, and hopelessness, by upholding the emancipatory and progressive power of...

victims of comm2
Members of Congress Announce Victims of Communism Caucus

“Our bipartisan caucus is determined to ensure that Congress and the American people remain aware of and continue to fight against the deadly and ongoing evil of Marxist and Leninist ideology – still promoted by communist dictators,” said Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ)...

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