6 wars
My 6 Wars, book by Eduardo Palmer

This book is a bath of knowledge, dotted with anecdotes, written by a man who has not hesitated to take risks in pursuit of reliable information. It contains facts of crucial political events in Latin America reported by a genuine WITNESS TO HISTORY....


by Guillermo I. Martínez.This is one of those stories. It has to do with Ana Belén Montes, a Puerto Rican woman who for 16 years spied for Fidel Castro's regime from her position in the Defense Intelligence Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, where...

Bacardi, the Puerto Rican Rum That Will Be Forever Cuban

This book is the story of a great merchant family and its deeply intertwined relationship with a mysterious Caribbean island nation, but it is also a story of the still resonating conflicts between capitalism and communism, nationalism and imperialism, and freedom and tyranny....

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