A Cuban hero died in Louisville – and no one noticed

"My break with the Castro regime came with the imposition of military service, I refused and in 1965 they took me to the UMA concentration camps for young people who did not sympathize with their policy, including those who were homosexuals and the religious," --...

Family of Voices: Miguel Bezos

"I had no desire to leave Cuba and had never thought of coming to the United States, but my parents really wanted me out because my future was very questionable if I stayed in Cuba. They did not anticipate this being a forever decision."-- Miguel...

Cuba line2
Cuba: A Last Warning

While the Leader of the Revolution [Fidel Castro] was still alive, a detente began with the US government to see if “Imperialism’s money would solve the problems created by Socialism." --Pedro Campos, Havana Times. ...

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Dual Currencies: Before 1959 and Today

Cuba's monetary duality accelerated the loss of the Cuban peso's already scant value. It led to inflation of prices on the black market, meager wages, and lowered pensions. The dual currency has also frustrated production, reduced productivity, and crippled both currencies' functions. ...

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Letter to a Threatened Journalist

Government agents in Cuba threaten journalists who they believe promote particular agendas on the island. Agents warn journalists that the people closest to them will suffer consequences, and they even ask these journalists to spy on their colleagues....

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