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Cuba’s Silence is Dangerous to Your Health

Cuba’s policy to withhold information on infectious disease threats for the purpose of protecting their health image, or their tourism industry is unacceptable in an era where rapid and frequent transport across borders occurs....

diaz canal5
What power will the new Cuban president have?

In every military autocracy the most powerful figure is the commander-in-chief. Miguel Diaz Canal seems poised to emulate Osvaldo Dorticós, ignoring the rules of the Cuban Constitution. During Dorticós' reign everyone in Cuba called him "President," even though they all knew he really...

Daniel Ortega Resuscitated ‘Somocismo’*

The open intervention of the Reagan administration was a spur to the remnants of the defeated Somoza Army and to dissent in the countryside. The confrontation was radicalized, the social conquests foundered and civil war ensued, the consequences of which divided and bled the country...

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3D Film, Raul Castro’s New Hobby

Raúl Castro might show up at any hour of the morning, noon or night. Military and security personnel have removed the horse-drawn carriages and 1950s convertibles that tourists like so much....

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