Election Week1
For Cubans, A Week Like Any Other

In the Nuevo Vedado neighborhood, the internet went out. The external wifi networks had been disconnected to avoid inconveniencing the National Assembly deputies who were staying the hotel....

The Castro Regime, an Aged Boxer Who Won’t Leave the Ring

Igor believes that a government has to govern on behalf of all its citizens, not just its supporters. “That is the main problem with the Cuban system,” he says. “Its leaders don’t listen to those with different opinions. Most of the island’s current politicians don’t...

Díaz-Canel in his labyrinth

"Díaz-Canel is inheriting a real nightmare, because the Party's top brass expects him to solve the problems that Raúl did not know how to solve, or failed to, or was afraid to...

‘Battles of ideas’ in Lima

Nobody dares to touch Castroism. Why? For two reasons: 1) governments' and democratic forces' fear of the aggressive mobilizing and destabilizing power of leftist parties and organizations, and 2) few presidents and politicians want to provoke the Left. Rather, they want to pacify it...

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