Author: Frank Rodriguez Junior

trump enrages2
Trump’s U.N. Speech Enrages the Castro Regime

“The satisfactory resolution of property claims by a Cuban Government recognized by the United States remains an essential condition for the full resumption of economic and diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba.”--Sec. 207, Helms-Burton Act...

Cuba recover2
Let’s Recover Cuba

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba is committed to work with the global civil society and the international community. Along with our goals we demand that the Cuban government faithfully and adequately resources from foreign countries toward the recovery of Cuba! ...

hurricane communism1
A Hurricane Called Communism

In Cuba there are thousands of victims of hurricanes that happened six, seven, or ten years ago, and who continue to live in temporary shelters that are falling apart. Often the aid that comes from abroad is then 'sold in dollars' in special stores....

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