Author: Frank Rodriguez Junior

maduro crime2
Nicolás Maduro accused of crimes against humanity

Nicolás Maduro has faced widespread international criticism and both the US and the EU have imposed fresh sanctions on the country. More than 120 people died in clashes this summer between protesters seeking to force Mr Maduro to quit and government security forces....

dilapidated house5
Shortages and Shady Dealings

The number of abandoned, 'empty homes' in Cuba is astounding! There are a few houses in good condition that remain vacant and locked shut because their inhabitants are away in other countries, probably trying to settle there. ...

cuba medical2
The Business of Solidarity

A two-fold blackmail grips Cuban medical workers sent abroad: 1) the precarious conditions of life in Cuba, and 2) potential reprisals like being barred from returning to Cuba if they fail to follow the regime's orders....

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