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Facts About Cuban Exiles

In August 1982, Facts about Cuban Exiles (FACE) was founded “to defend the image of the Cuban Exiles.” The incorporating group was active in many other civic and community organizations and represented a cross section of the Cuban diaspora in Miami.


FACE’s mission is “to promote, foster and improve the goodwill reputation and image of those persons of Cuban origin, and their descendants, in the United States xanax and the world, who have sought refuge outside of Cuba due to existing political conditions” and works toward the development of mutual understanding and cooperation with other groups in the community. FACE has encouraged fair and balanced media coverage and has responded to biased or erroneous reports. It periodically publishes information concerning Cuban exiles.


Since 1984, has presented Excellence Awards to deserving individuals and institutions for their contributions to a better and more just society.

Photo: Courtesy of El Nuevo Herald.




Sam Verdeja, Chair

Luis Botifoll, Co~Chair

Frank Paredes, Treasurer

Frank Angones, Secretary

Carlos Arboleya

Edgardo Caturla Pérez

Armando Codina

José Feito

Willy Gort

Ariel Remos

Luis Sabines

Octavio Verdeja

Tere Zubizarreta



Sam Verdeja

Luis J. Botifoll

Tere A. Zubizarreta

Carlos Arboleya

Francisco J. Paredes

René V. Murai

Armando L. González

Raúl L. Rodríguez

María Cristina Barros

Rafael Peñalver

José C. Cancela

Sandra González-Levy

Pedro A. Freyre

Gustavo Alfonso

Raúl Masvidal

Cesar Pizarro



Chairman – Frank Carreras

Chairwoman Elect – Aida Levitán

Secretary – Leonardo Rodríguez

Treasurer – Ed Guernica

Past Chairman – Tony Argiz

AD Hoc

Armando Codina

Ed García

Adolfo Henriques

Cesar Pizarro

Sam Verdeja


Alexis Abril
César Alvarez
Frank Angones
Tony Argiz
Marilyn Borroto
Frank Carreras
Armando Codina
Fausto Díaz Oliver
Esteban Formoso
Ed García
Ed Guernica
Armando González
Sandra González-Levy
Adolfo Henriques
Aida Levitán
Raúl Masvidal
Carlos Migoya
Ralph Morera
Rene Murai
Mario Murgado
Eduardo Padrón
Emilio Palomo
Frank Paredes
Rafael Peñalver
César Pizarro
Jorge Plasencia
Sofía Powel-Cosio
Claudia Puig
Leonardo Rodríguez
Ray Rodríguez
Jaime Suchlicki
Carlos Valdés
Sam Verdeja
Enrique Viciana
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