10 Things You Don’t Know About the Young and the Restless’ Jordi Vilasuso

Cuban-American Jordi Vilasuso was born in Miami, and he grew up in Coral Gables

06 Oct 10 Things You Don’t Know About the Young and the Restless’ Jordi Vilasuso


  October 6, 2018 —

Young and the Restless fans aren’t exactly upset about all the hot new men on the show, but we do have some questions about some of them. Rey, for instance, has only been around for a minute or two, but he’s already heating things up with the very lovely Sharon. He’s been in town for a minute trying to take down the Newman family, and he’s getting his way now that Sharon is not married to Nick and seems to have bonded with him. But how much more can he take of this, and does he mean it when he says he will do all this with her? We just want to know more about Jordi Vilasuso, to be honest. So, here we go.

1. He’s From Florida

He was born in Miami, and he grew up in Coral Gables. He might not have lived his life celebrating Christmas with snow on the ground, but he definitely did live his life with some serious white sand on the beach, which is really just as amazing and a lot more comfortable. He graduated high school here, but he ended up in California for college, and that’s where he is still located now that he live and works in Cali.

2. He’s Cuban-American

His family is Cuban-American, and he’s proud of his heritage. We don’t know precisely how much of each he has in his blood, but we can assume based on his last name that his Cuban heritage comes from his father’s side of the family. Though his mother could be just as much Cuban-American.

3. He’s Been in the Soaps

He got his start on the hit soap Guiding Light. He then went to All My Children. Then he went to Days of Our Lives. Now he’s here. Where else might he go?

4. His Father is A Doctor in Coral Gables

He was raised by his mother and father. His father is a doctor, and he and his mother lived his him, their oldest son, and their youngest child, their only girl. They are rumored to be a close-knit family, and that’s something they enjoy.

5. He’s Got An Emmy

He won his first Emmy in 2003. It was his second nomination in the same category for the same role, but he didn’t win the year before. He took it home for his work on Guiding Light that year, and he made it work for him. He did well.

6. He’s Done Some Serious Guest Appearance Work

Not only is he a pro at daytime television, he’s a major guest appearance professional on some of the best shows. He was on 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, CSI: Miami, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and more. He’s good at what he does, and that’s evident.

7. He Was On Days of Our Lives

It wasn’t his first soap, but he was on it. He was Dario Hernandez for several years. That was the last role he had on the soaps before he took over his role on YTR. He was, however, on two other soaps in his career.

8. He’s A Married Man With Two Girls

He and his wife, Kaitlin Riley, wed on August 25, 2012. They were married in Islamorada, part of the Florida Keys. They welcomed their first daughter that year in November, and they welcomed their second daughter four years later in 2016.

9. His Wife is An Actress

His wife is Kailin Riley. She’s a little bit younger than he is, by about five years, and she’s an actress. She was in “From Justin to Kelly,” with Kelly Clarkson and her second-runner up after the first American Idol competition was over. She was also in “Monster,” in which the beautiful Charlize Theron was made into a monster portraying a female serial killer based on a true story.

10. He Calls His Wife the Love of His Life

Back when he first proposed to her in May of 2012, he went to Twitter and said that the love of his life had accepted his proposal and they were getting married. She was approximately three-ish months pregnant at the time, and he didn’t want to waste another moment not married to this woman he loves so much. We don’t blame him.

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